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Summer Reading

26 Jun

Summer Reading

I do this every summer. It serves as a visual goal for me. I never read every single one, but I always add more. They’re piled here in the order they looked the best, not the order I want to read them. Right now I’m finishing THE HOUSE GIRL by Tara Conklin and I highly recommend it. Next, I’m going to read ARISTOTLE AND DANTE DISCOVER THE SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE. You’ll notice that I have some adult and some YA fiction in the pile. As a high school English teacher I like to read good YA fiction so I can authentically recommend it to my students. What are you reading this summer?


Porch Swing

25 Jun
Sometimes, sitting on that old porch swing
the weight of my babies in my arms,
the scent of innocence,
distant church bells waft up and over the dusty hill,
I feel little hands push the swing from behind
like a parent pushing a playground swing.
The laughter that follows after the swing retreats
knocking the pusher on their backside.
That old porch swing is a fortress,
protecting us from the onlookers and passersby
with judgement in their pockets and rocks in their hearts.
That porch swing that sits in the yard, under the maple,
instead of on the porch where it would have to face the road;
it’s the place where I don’t need to make excuses.
That old porch swing is escape into truth and rest.
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