Day 3 – One night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble

27 Jun

The first few days of my summer vacation are always about getting to do those things that have been put off. Today was a beautiful day to be out on the town. It was sunny and warm and perfect for going to Telus for my daughter, because her name isn’t the primary one on the account they won’t talk to her without us. Then taking my son’s brand new, Crappy Tire bike to have it fixed because Crappy Tire put it together wrong and didn’t know how to fix it. The good news is, the one year old bike, that’s been ridden twice, is finally working like it is new. The lesson here is, don’t buy a bike from Crappy Tire.

bangkokThe fun part of summer vacation is being able to do spontaneous things like seeking out a food truck that’s only in town for this weekend and getting awesome Thai food to bring to Glenn’s work and have lunch with my sweetie. We shared spring rolls, cashew chicken and pad thai and it was all scrumptious. We’ve not eaten a lot of Thai food, but if you read the reviews on facebook, you’ll learn that many people believe it’s the best Thai food ever and from a food truck nonetheless.

After getting groceries in the afternoon, I did get about a half an hour on my deck with my book, but tomorrow I plan to spend much of the day reading. I can’t wait!

We ended our day with our neighbourhood party. Once a month we gather at one of the neighbour’s houses, theoretically from 6-8 PM but it always goes longer. Everyone brings their own drink and finger food/appetizer to share, so no one feels the pressure of hosting. We’ve been doing this every month since January and we’ve had a different host each month so far. It’s been really good getting to know my neighbours better!

Oh, did you make the connection with the title? I guess it wasn’t really ‘night’, or technically IN Bangkok, but it was yummy!


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