Day 4 – A month sometimes feels like a year

28 Jun

To use a cliché, it’s hard to believe how much water under the bridge can pass in one month. One month ago today we were still looking forward to our daughter’s grad party, prom and graduation. In the last month there were projects to be graded and exams to be administered and marked. There were two rooms full of furniture at home to be moved and one room to be painted and too many other tasks to list them all. There was still so much to be done before we could relax, that time seemed to drag on. Not that we didn’t enjoy every crazy minute of it all, but to say it was a busy month would be a great understatement. So, for interest sake, I went back through my photos to see what we were up to one month ago today and found the wpid-20140528_192647.jpgphotos of our son’s year end band concert. After four years of playing the trumpet, he’s finally getting good. Every year the concerts get better and better. We were enjoying an evening of stellar musical performance; that was before all of the madness.

Today was a well-earned lazy day for me. I drank coffee, played a game on my phone, took an afternoon nap and spent a whole lot of time reading, finally! I’ve been on vacation for four days now, but today felt like day one. My wish for this next month, June 28-July28, is for this month to seem equally as long as the last and be full with many lazy days like today. I briefly saw something posted on Facebook today that made perfect sense to me. It said ‘teachers are solar powered’. Makes better sense now when I say that I need the summer to recharge my batteries. Yay for summer!


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