Day 5 – Empanadas, Kohl’s and Big Brother 16

29 Jun


Today was ordinary, but full of life’s little pleasures. This morning we went to the Denville Market. Glenn got fresh pickles and I got my Lakeside Maple trail mix. Then we picked up some Empanadas for lunch: beef and potato, spinach and feta, and chipotle bbq chicken. Yummy! This afternoon we went to Kohl’s and Glenn got some really nice dressy sandals and I went bargain hunting. The only kind of hunting I do. My time spent searching through the sale racks item by item was well rewarded. I got two pair of jeans, one sweater and one blouse for $23.00. It makes me wonder if the store even makes money when they’re able to discount clothes 90% off. My best bargain was a beautiful pair of jeans that were regularly $48.0wpid-20140629_211554.jpg0 for $3.36. How is that even possible? (I don’t really want to know; I’m just glad that it is.) Now that you know far more than you need to about my day, I’m going to watch Big Brother, my biggest guilty pleasure of the summer.


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