Day 9 – Storms: chaos and calm

3 Jul

I love a good storm!



During the winter, I love to huddle inside my home with a fire in the fireplace during a snow storm, cuddled with a blanket on the couch with a cup of coffee and a good book or movie. In other seasons, I sometimes miss those big winter storms that force us to hibernate. It’s a good excuse to slow down and take it easy.

The summer equivalent of that is sitting on the front porch during a lightning storm. I find it absolutely serene to sit there and listen as the thunder rolls and intensifies. I love watching the lightning blaze across the murky sky. Thunder storms like the one that’s happening outside right now remind me of my childhood spent at Lake George. Experiencing a thunderstorm at the lake was the best. It didn’t matter that we had to get out of the water and go inside because the show was always worth it, watching the lightening flash and reflect across the surface of the lake.

I always take delight in finding the beauty in a big storm. I love how, even though predictable, the weather is beyond our control. It reminds me to be grateful and metaphorically teaches me how to find internal calm. When life lunges forward with situations that are out of my control, I can find the calm in the storm of life.


One Response to “Day 9 – Storms: chaos and calm”

  1. Diana July 3, 2014 at 10:35 PM #

    Our most memorable lightning storm was in the middle of the Mediterranean on a cruise ship. Lightning was striking the water all around the ship. We sat out and watched it from our balcony until it got too close and too scary.

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