Day 11 – Our visit with the Pultz’s

5 Jul

wpid-20140704_221329.jpgOne of my favourtie things to do when we go to visit Glenn’s mom it to reconnect with friends and family that live nearby. It was great to be able to visit the Pultz’s for the 4th. Glenn and Art have been friends for 30 years, since their days of leading Royal Rangers (a churchy version of boy scouts). They’ve been friends through both of their divorces, job changes and getting remarried. Art & Teri travalled to Fredericton ten years ago so Art could be Glenn’s best man at our wedding. We’ve visited them, they’ve visited us and we’ve vacationed together. As couples, we’ve been friends since Glenn introduced me to them in 2012.wpid-20140704_221428.jpg

Our plan for the day was pretty simple, good food, a few drinks, and a lot of just sitting and chatting. It was a day to catch up and everything went according to plan. Art & Teri are the kind of friends that are so open that you can talk about anything and everything, and we do. We talked about our careers, our children, our future plans, religion, and the list goes on. We took a twenty minute break from our hours of snacking and chatting to light some fireworks in the driveway with Art & Teri’s 13 year-old grandson Nicholas. The closest I’ve ever come to participating in DIY fireworks is being in the driveway on New Year’s evewpid-20140704_232626.jpg when my ex-husband and his dad shot their shotguns in celebration of the New Year. It was anti-climactic to say the least. They were bright, but didn’t lift off the ground. The dogs were happy that they didn’t really make any real noise.

Art & Teri have rescued seven dogs, six of them are big dogs, so they claim a lot of the attention, but that was more than okay with us. We stayed the night with them last night and as we fell into bed after a long and satisfying day, Glenn said, “I’m so glad we came visit, and just love being here with all of these dogs!” This morning I was petting Bishop, their chocolate lab and red nose pit mix, and I commented about how it makes me miss ZuZu. Teri said, “It drives Art crazy when we travel because I have to stop and pet every dog we meet,” and I just had to laugh. Glenn does the exact same thing.

As we drove away this morning, full with french toast, hugs and warm feelings of friendship, we vowed to connect with them more often. It’s good to make new friends and get to know new people, but there’s nothing like connecting with long-time friends and being reminded of why you hold them dear.


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