Day 13 – Grandma’s Room

7 Jul

We’ve been in our home now for just over ten years. When we moved in, the basement was completely unfinished and Glenn has been finishing it himself room-by-room. He’s working on the last room, the bathroom, now. Last year he finished the basement bedroom for our daughter, but she didn’t want to move down there by herself. However, as she was graduating from high school and planning to stay home for university, she decided that it was time for her to move. We spent one Sunday afternoon in late May moving all of her things and setting up her new room while she was at work. Because her second floor bedroom was bigger than his, her brother moved into her room and his room will eventually become the spare room. This summer, the spare room is Grandma’s room. Usually, she vists with us at least a couple of times a year for 2-4 weeks. She’s here with us for six weeks this summer. This is the first time she hasn’t displaced one of the children from their room during her stay.  So during the week before her visit we spent some time making the room hers. It’s exciting for everyone.

Last night we got back home after being in New Jersey for eight days. We had a great time visiting with Glenn’s mom and sister and spending the fourth in Pennsylvania with our friends the Pultzs. For nearly all of eleven hour ride we thought we were coming home to a big mess. The power went out early Saturday morning and hadn’t come back on. We thought we were going to have to clean out the freezer and refrigerator and throw away spoiled food, then deal with the three coolers full of meat and dairy we bought in NJ. Thankfully, the power wpid-20140707_202334.jpgcame on again when we were about an hour from the border. My daughter was taking care of the house and the dog and she did a fabulous job of keeping her cool and taking care of things. She even invited a couple of the neighbours in to use our portable car starter (that has a handy USB port) to charge their phones. She checked the freezers once the power came back on and after 36 hours nothing had really thawed out. We were so glad that we didn’t have to stop in Houlton and purchase copious amounts of ice.

In all of the excitement of the power outage and seeing the kids and the dog after eight days, I’m glad I remembered to video Sadie seeing her new room. We tried to set it up so she would be a little surprised and very comfortable. I think we can say “mission accomplished!”



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