Day 14 – Letting go

8 Jul

I was getting ready to meet a friend for lunch today when my daughter texted me and here’s the conversation we had:


What a cool stupid mom, right? What you don’t see is the phone call I made to her just after she told me where they’d be jumping. She turned 18 in February and graduated from high school last month. We’re fortunate to live in a city with a good university. She’s off to UNB in the fall and for her that means moving her bedroom to the basement. However, as a family we are learning day-by-day to navigate this new normal. Having an adult child living at home really isn’t all that different than having a teenager, and at 18 she really still is a teenager. However there are subtle differences. See her inital text to me? Do you notice that it isn’t a question?

So I called her and told her I was uncomfortable with the whole thing. When she asked why I relayed this story that I saw on the news yesterday. Her life flashed before my eyes. In her eyes, I imagine she thinks she’s invincible. At the end of the conversation we agreed that she would scope out the area, not be the first one to jump and text me immediately afterward to tell me she was still alive. We hung up and that’s when I texted her “take pictures”. She didn’t let me down.

I went for lunch, had a good time and didn’t worry at all much. After lunch I was standing in line at the bank (who does that anymore) and she sent me this photo:


I know I did stupid things like this when I was her age and even younger. I jumped from the Penniac bridge, leapt from an old broken down dam in the middle of the Nashwaak river and did inward dives off the pillar on the corner of a concrete wharf. I made it through and so did she. She made it home, safe and sound and oh so proud of her adventurous spirit.

We’re taking this new normal one day at a time, and I guess that’s the easiest way to learn to let go.


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