Day 15 – Beulah Bound with Boys

9 Jul

Yesterday, two days after returning home from eight days in New Jersey, I repacked and came with half my family to mom and dad’s cottage at Beulah to spend a few days with them. Glenn and Savanna both have to stay home and go to work, but don’t feel to sorry for them–I don’t think they mind not being here. My summer vacation is one quarter spent and it feels like the time is just flying by.

wpid-20140708_162836.jpgBefore we were able to leave for the cottage Sadie had a hair appointment. We planned to pick her up and leave from there, but when we got there she wasn’t quite finished. I went inside the beauty parlor to wait, while Seldon and his friend Jordan waited in the car, but they eventually got restless and came inside. At fifteen they’ve grown more mature and behaved quite appropriately, but still couldn’t help being silly with the hairdryers. I had to capture that on camera and I even threatened to submit it to the school yearbook. Do you think I should?

Once we arrived, I had the boys help unpack the car and just as we were unpacking a group of eight teenage girls walked by the cottage. I think it helped Jordan to see why Seldon loves coming to Beulah so much. After supper the boys helped my dad reassemble the swing that was flatted by hurricane Arthur. Thankfully, nothing was broken and with their help dad got it back together andwpid-20140708_192212.jpg in its new location on the deck. With the big tree gone, it didn’t seem quite right in the front yard. Once they finished, they had to test it out–make sure it was safe. Grandma Sadie was right in the thick of it.

It seems like yesterday our summers were filled with kiddie pools, Disney movies and VBS. Now our kids are working, exploring the city without us and having big adventures. I’m so grateful to have two intelligent and active teenagers. Their personalities are so different but they both have an energy for life that makes our home such a fun place to be. I’d be even more grateful if time could slow down just a bit, so I can enjoy them even more.


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