Day 18 – Relationship Advice

12 Jul

day 18I don’t usually try to offer relationship advice. However, the pastor who performed our wedding ceremony had confidence in both of our relationship skills. When he agreed to marry us, I asked him about pre-marital counselling and he said, “Oh you don’t need that, you’ve both been married before, so you know what you’re doing.” That’s a true story! Now you know my credentials to offer this advice–I’ve been married twice. And, if you’re worried about the lack of counselling for our union, fear not, we did seek alternate counselling before tying the knot.

Here’s my big advice: spend time apart. I love my husband and enjoy the time we spend together. In fact, I prefer his company. I miss him immensely when we spend nights apart. This week I spent three nights at the cottage with my parents, his mom and Seldon and a friend. Glenn stayed home with Savanna. I missed him very much, but enjoyed the tradition of spending that time with my parents. It was so nice to come home and spend the evening together. Today, he has gone with a couple of buddies to Fredericton’s second annual beer fest. I went to my book club meeting and then out to a movie with family and friends. We saw “Tammy” and I highly recommend it, so funny!

I’ll be picking him and his buddies up sometime before 11:00PM and likely be taking them to find some greasy food or pizza. I’m glad he went out without me, and not just because I don’t like beer. When I pick him up later, he’ll be grateful that I’m so accommodating and tonight and tomorrow morning we’ll talk about out time apart. Spending time with our friends without each other gives us experiences to share once we reunite. Shared experiences are great and while I do prefer them, separate experiences are equally as important to the health of our relationship.

I can’t wait to have coffee on the deck tomorrow morning and hear all about his fun day today.


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