Day 20 – Ten ideas for stories

14 Jul

storyOne of these ideas for stories is the story I intend to write. Can you guess which one? Which one do you think has the most potential, and why?

  1. A middle school boy gets drawn into a group of boys who are stealing and loses his direction, but through the help of an elderly neighbour the boy turns things around and becomes the leader in his group and changes everything.
  2. A young first-year college student drops out of university without telling her parents and uses the tuition money to travel the country.
  3. A recently widowed elderly woman moves into a new apartment complex and meets a whole new group of friends. Her children worry for her because she’s acting like a teenager who is experiencing her first taste of freedom.
  4. A long overdue family reunion helps two cousins piece together their grandmother’s shady past.
  5. A desperate couple kidnap a homeless pregnant woman and care for her. Once the baby is born they kill the mother and keep the baby. The story alternates between 1996 and 2014 when the child, believing she was adopted, begins searching for her birth mother.
  6. A 12 year-old girl, travelling with her parents to attend the Super Bowl, gets kidnapped and forced into prostitution. The first half of the story would be about her ordeal and the second half about her reintegration into her family at the age 14 after being away from them for 21 months.
  7. A 55 year-old woman is kidnapped by her estranged boyfriend and held against her will for 18 hours. The story is told from three perspectives, the woman, her estranged boyfriend and the woman’s daughter who begins her own investigation when her mother fails to come home.
  8. During the summer of 2014 a young girl begrudgingly moves with her family from Ottawa to a hobby farm in rural Nova Scotia. In the woods behind the house she discovers an old treehouse. She climbs the ladder and carefully enters the treehouse, afraid that the wood might be too rotten to support her. She decides to hide-out and make her parents come looking for her. They deserve to worry for putting her through this. She falls asleep and when she wakes up the treehouse is brand new. She soon discovers she has somehow ended up in 1981.
  9. Silvia and Dan, recent empty nesters, find that they have little in common anymore. After months of arguing and one, big knock-down drag-em-out fight they separate. They both have a few disastrous dates, but when their son comes home from college for the summer and gets into a car accident and they’re forced to spend time together they discover that their love is still very much alive and find their way back to each other.
  10. This story is about a 17 year-old girl who wants to change her life, but she has many obstacles to overcome and her newly over-protective mother, who has recently decided to become a parent now that she is in a 12-step program and putting her own wreck of a life back together. But underneath that, it’s a story about a girl and her single mom who both have the inner strength to overcome every obstacle that life presents.

4 Responses to “Day 20 – Ten ideas for stories”

  1. awoodlandrose July 14, 2014 at 8:54 PM #

    I vote for # 4 because it’s open ended and closest to home. Some of the others would require a good deal of research and removed from the classic “write about what you know.” #3 could be fun and possibly # 8 but you have to be accurate with details. That’s my 2 cents lol.

    • Debbie G July 14, 2014 at 9:42 PM #

      Thanks! I knew you and Glenn would both go for #4.

  2. Gloria Boyce July 14, 2014 at 10:51 PM #

    Some real good ideas. I have an idea why stop at one novel do all ten and by the time you finish the first ten you will have a dozen more ideas.


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