Day 22 – I don’t feel guilty, not one bit

16 Jul

When I thought about how I’d write this blog post, I considered calling it a guilty pleasure. However, as I thought about it, I realize that I do not feel one bit guilty. This summer, we’ve been watching Big Brother for at least 11 years. I’ve encountered others that have indirectly attempted to induce shame at what they deem as a huge waste of three hours each week. If you feel this way, I suggest that you don’t watch it, nor should you have anything to say about anyone else who chooses to do so.

Let me tell you why I initially started to watch Big Brother… I wanted to.

Let me tell you why I continue to watch Big Brother… I like it.

That’s the easy way to explain it. However, there is an even greater motivation. When Glenn and I moved into our house and got married in 2004, his mother started visiting us every summer. At first, she scoffed at the idea of such a voyeuristic and seemingly juvenile reality show. She watched it with us nonetheless. Let’s be honest, what else was she going to do? After the first season, she was hooked. In fact, as each season draws nearer, she excitedly reminds us of the start

Now, some eleven years later, it’s almost like a tradition. We watch together. We look forward to Big Brother night and it gives us a shared viewing experience about which we can discuss. Savanna even enjoys watching with us, but shhhh, don’t tell her I told you. We root for our favourites and have opinions about game play. This kind of interaction cannot be achieved through watching most other television shows. We don’t always root for the same person to win, but this year we’re all rooting for Donny. Go Donny!


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