Day 24 – Oh Friday, I love you!

18 Jul

Even when on summer vacation, I love Fridays! Friday is my favourite day of the week because it’s the day of the week that brings all things good. For our family, Friday usually means homemade pizza for dinner and a relaxing evening. This Friday was good for a couple of reasons. My aunt Margaret Johnston spent the day here today and she and Sadie had a good day sitting on the deck and chatting. Now they have plans for next week too.

I had coffee this afternoon with, I was going to say old friend, but I’d say it’s just the start of a friendship. Kalin is a former student who graduated from high school ten years ago. For some reason, we’ve just stayed in touch. Maybe it was our shared love for books, or maybe it was our love for school in general. She just moved back to Fredericton to persue her doctorate at UNB and she messaged me a few days ago after reading one of my blog posts. We sat with coffee and chatted for almost two hours. If I didn’t have supper to prepare for seven people, I could have spent the whole afternoon there.

fancyTonight we did our usual homemade pizza, but we made more than usual. My aunt Margaret and Savanna’s boyfriend, Alex, were both here for supper. Our neighbour Mary dropped by because Savanna and Seldon had been feeding her cat while she was eleanor and parkaway and we managed to convince her to stay for some pizza too. We finished a bottle of a yummy red wine given to us by our neighbours as a thank-you for some help during the power outage. I love finding a new wine that I enjoy and this one was very good. But what I love even more is a day spent with family and friends! This Friday brought all these good things and I even had time to spend with my new read, Eleanor & Park.


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