Day 25 – Boyce Farmers Market

19 Jul

wpid-20140719_075833.jpgWe go to the market almost every Saturday morning, but before today we hadn’t been there since before graduation. It was so good to go this morning, nice and early. We left the house at 7:25AM. An hour later and we would have been terribly dogged with company. The market is so nice this time of year. During late spring, summer and early fall the vendors almost double with many vendors outside. We buy more in the fall when there are lots of local vegetables, but don’t think we are fair-weather marketers. We love going, even in February!

Today we scored some yellow cherry tomatoes, then a strawberry lime scone from Gagetown Fruit Farm. Everything they make is good! We also got some purple beans from Jemseg River Farm that we’ll use to make a summer bean and tomato salad later this week. We buy local and organic where we can, but going to the market is so much more. It’s our regular weekend date. We go to the market, then either Second Cup or to The Cabin for breakfast.

Today, Sadie came with us then she took us out for breakfast. It was a perfect start to a great summer Saturday. Glenn spent most of the day in the garden once we got home. Seldon and I helped him put my clothesline back up because it fell down during the storm. While we were at it we trimmed a few branches away from it so my laundry  doesn’t get pitch on it while drying. While Glenn finished in the garden, I watered our pots and made muffins. Then we went out for supper on the rooftop at Snooty Fox. This is what summer Saturdays are made of!


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