Day 29 – The end of an era

23 Jul

According to, “An era is a period of time marked by character, events, changes on earth, etc. …In colloquial language, eras denote longer spans of time, before and after which the practices or fashions change to a significant degree.” It is definitely the end of an era for residents of our semi-quiet cul-de-sac, especially those who live on the same side of the street as I do.

Let me be clear, I love my house and I have the best neighbours around. However, we have been in our house since February 2004 and since then we have had construction on our street or the street behind our house every single summer. I’m minding it less and less each year because as I move into middle-age, I find I can no longer sleep in like I used to and still feel rested. In fact, I’ve given up on the idea of sleeping in altogether, so when my husband gets up for work I generally get up too. Just when I’ve resigned myself to enjoy being a converted early riser, I find a whole new reason to hate the construction.

Our backyard has always been a little oasis. It was a mostly private outdoor space. We have nice gardens in front of our house, but they pale in comparison to the backyard. Just weeks ago we had many of our daughter’s friends in our backyard taking photos in their grad gowns. When Janet, one of my photographer friends, stopped by with one of Savanna’s friends wpid-20140723_193945.jpgRiley, she commented on what a great space we have for photos. While the space itself is still there the backdrop has changed drastically. This morning, as we were sitting out on our back deck having coffee, the chain saw started to roar and trees started to fall. I almost cried.

Eleven years ago when we bought the property and hired a contractor to build our house, we were fully aware of the plan. We knew this would happen someday. But someday is always some far off day in the future. In fact, we feel lucky that it has been so private for ten whole years. Someday was supposed to have arrived a lot sooner than it did. However, having the information that something is going to happen doesn’t make it any easier to accept. In my 42 years, most of the places I’ve lived have had woods behind the backyard. This is going to be strange.

I guess I need to learn to accept what I cannot change. And if I’m going to accept it, I might as well look for the positive. Maybe now, with fewer trees, we’ll have fewer mosquitos. Maybe when the house is done and it sells (it’s being built on spec.), we’ll get fantastic new neighbours.


2 Responses to “Day 29 – The end of an era”

  1. Cynthia Reyes July 23, 2014 at 10:26 PM #

    I understand and empathize with your reactions. I think I’d feel the same. But you’re right – it’s best to focus on the potentially positive outcomes.


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