Day 32 – Maloik

26 Jul

wpid-20140726_192324.jpgIt’s nice to be out and about and have someone say, “I’ve been enjoying reading your blog.” What’s horrifying is when you turn to my mother-in-law and tell her that you’ve been reading all about her. She doesn’t want to be on the internet. We tried to tell her years ago that resistance is futile, but she’s quite insistent. You have to understand, she was a child of the depression. She hid her money under her mattress. Even though her digital footprint is non-existent, she doesn’t want her identity stolen. She’s threatening to sue. While I know she is joking, I sense a hint of seriousness. What I’m really worried about though is what she calls maloik (evil eye/Italian curse). Can you see that thing she’s doing with her hands? Before it was a universal hand signal used by rockers everywhere, it was a curse used by angry Italians. Not that I believe in curses, but it never hurts to be safe, right? I get a little shiver just thinking about it.

So, just like we’ve agree not to talk about other things… please stop telling my MIL you’ve been reading about her or seeing her photos on my blog. It just gets her going. And while I do realize that I could just stop writing about her, but where’s the fun in that?


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