Day 36 – Move your feet, lose your seat

30 Jul

wpid-20140728_093020.jpgI took this photo of ZuZu yesterday. Whenever we are outside, she insists on coming out too. Sadie and I had been sitting on the front porch together reading. When she got up and went inside I saw ZuZu get up and start to circle, eying Grandma’s chair. I knew what she wanted and all I had to do was say, “Go ahead.” She jumped up in the warm chair and circled once more and settled in. She sat there with me until I got a snack, then she had to move closer. I swear she thinks she’s people too. I took the photo because she looked so sweet and part human sitting in that deck chair. Before we got her, I lobbied with Glenn harder than the kids to get a dog. But I never could have imagined just how much I would end up loving her.


One Response to “Day 36 – Move your feet, lose your seat”

  1. Keith Innis July 31, 2014 at 5:59 AM #

    Our dogs are part of our family. We take them everywhere, including vacations were often times we pay extra at hotels to have them with us…

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