Day 41 – My Knight in Crocheted Armor

4 Aug

In the spring, when Glenn and I were planning our summer, we decided that we would stop in Ogunquit on our way back from bringing Sadie home for a mini beach vacation. Other than weekend trips of no more than two nights, our last real vacation without the wpid-20140801_183945.jpgkids was in 2008. Our plan was made and then Sadie’s plans changed. She decided she would stay the whole summer, but we took our vacation anyway. The plans were made and a non-refundable deposit was put down on the room. So, we went to Ogunquit and Sadie spent that time with my parents at their cottage at Beulah.

We travelled Thursday and today and we had three full days in Ogunquit. We stayed at the Nellie Littlefield Inn & Spa and I would recommend it without reservation. I’m not saying I didn’t find a single fault, but no fault worth mentioning. It was a great place to stay for several reasons. The biggest plus was location. It was a short walk to the beach, several restaurants and shops. In fact, we only used the car once the whole time we were there. We stayed in the turret room. It was completely round and overlooked the busy street. There were two porches with comfy rockers, and we used these every night. There was also a sitting pool, hot tub combo that we used once, but I would love to have used it more. We’d definitely stay here again.

wpid-20140802_123503.jpgFriday and Sunday were both beach days. It wasn’t hot, but it was mostly sunny and breezy and we enjoyed our day reading by the ocean. I feel so at home by the ocean. Each day we were on the beach early and stayed late into the afternoon. I’m always so reluctant to leave. I wwpid-20140802_134838.jpgould love to live  in a home right on the shore of the ocean. It may never be affordable, but if I live long enough to retire, I will spend months at a time close enough to go every day.

wpid-20140801_205947.jpgSaturday was a bit too chilly and cloudy for the beach, so we went to a farmers’ market and craft fair in York. We actually wpid-20140802_150842.jpgbought more at the tiny market in the woods than we did at the much larger craft fair that was in the center of town. In fact, the only thing we bought at the market was SoapBox soap. It smells really good! We haven’t used it yet, so I can’t tell you if I really like it but what I think is interesting about it is that it’s the Toms of soap. For every bar purchased they give one to someone who needs but cannot afford it. Even though we didn’t buy much, Glenn had fun being my knight in crocheted armor. Can you see his smiling eyes?

We had lots of good meals, but only two were worthy of a photo. At The Front Porch I had the best mac n’ cheese with smoked mozzarella and prosciutto, topped with sliced tomatoes and bread crumbs. Yum! At the Corner Stone we shared a scrumptious chicken and fig pizza for lunch.

We had such a good time. It was nice not having the responsibilities of home for a few days. It was a great way to celebrate our upcoming 10th anniversary. I lucked out when we found each other. The more time we spend together, the more I realize just how much I love this man!


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