Day 43 – Lemon and lime eats

6 Aug

Having most of the summer off gives me a great opportunity to try out new recipes. Pinterest, although it can be a fantastic time waster, is a fabulous resource. That’s where I find most new recipes, including the ones I made today. I tried two and they are both keepers, so I decided to share. Tonight we had Honey Lime Tilapia. I’ve never cooked Tilapia before, but after doing so I would say, because they’re so much alike, I’d even use this honey lime recipe for haddock.

We’ve been trying to eat more fish, so I’ve been experimenting with different recipes. I found a fantastic recipe for Maple Glazed Salmon that Seldon goes nuts for. He liked the tilapia tonight, but didn’t go for seconds like he does with the salmon. Glenn’s mom is usually the picky one and she even liked the tilapia. I don’t like lobster, shrimp or scallops; I know, I know, what kind of maritimer am I? I’ll only eat clams prepared certain ways. I love haddock, salmon, muscles, crab and now tilapia. That’s the list of seafood that I’ve tried. Which one should I try next?

wpid-2014-08-06-22.06.01.jpg.jpegI’ve been wanting to make these Lemony Lemon Brownies for weeks and today I finally got the chance. If you like any kind of lemon dessert, you’ll LOVE these! I altered the recipe a bit. I zested two lemons and used 2 tablespoons in the brownie batter like the recipe said, but there wasn’t quite 8 teaspoons left for the glaze. That didn’t seem to matter. I found that the glaze was too runny, so I ended up adding confectioner’s sugar until I got the consistency I was looking for. When I make these again, and I WILL make these again, I’d probably use less lemon juice in the glaze because I had lots leftover. Finally, the recipe says to wait for the brownies to cool completely before glazing. We wanted to eat them before they were cool, so I cut them without glazing them and added the glaze over the individual pieces.

Here’s the good news: Seldon refused to try them. He said he didn’t like lemon desserts. I didn’t try to convince him otherwise.


2 Responses to “Day 43 – Lemon and lime eats”

  1. Kimberly Bauer August 6, 2014 at 9:55 PM #

    Debbie, these sound wonderful. I am glad you are having a nice summer and I am enjoying popping in and reading your thoughts every now and then. kb

    • Debbie G August 7, 2014 at 10:24 AM #

      Hi Kimberly, I hope you’re having a good summer too. It’s nice to know who reads my posts. It would be good to catch up with you in person sometime soon.

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