Day 45 – Please stop the suffering

8 Aug

It feels petty to write about what I had planned (the pottery I bought last weekend) in the light of the life and death situation going on overseas. This morning, my friend Jillian posted the following status update on facebook and I’ve been thinking about it ever since:
My heart is heavy as I realize in the same world where I worry about if the sun is shining, when school starts, what’s for supper, my brothers and sisters in Russia, Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, Africa are fighting for their lives on so many levels. My prayers are with these and Lord, remove the scales from my eyes so my situations don’t blind me from the world we live in. I’m thankful for where I live, but that thankfulness should only serve to drive me to my knees even harder.
I am so thankful to have friends with such tender and socially responsible hearts. I couldn’t stop thinking about it because I wholeheartedly agree, but also am left with an overwhelming sense that there is something I should or could be doing that I’m not, but what?

Whether or not you’re a praying person, I’m going to tell you why prayer is vital. When when you pray, you keep that situation you are praying about in the forefront of your mind. Even if you don’t know what you could do besides pray, you are open. If you bury your head in the sand or simply watch the news, shake your head and saywpid-screenshot_2014-08-08-22-30-30.png “How awful,” then turn the television off and go on to the next thing, you are less likely to realize what it is you can do when faced with it.

Even though I feel helpless to do much, I will stay informed, not only relying on mainstream media. I will promote peace and acceptance of all in my corner of the world. I will pray for health, healing, safety and security for those who are suffering. I will become more active in the politics of my own country, doing what I can to make sure my children and their children don’t suffer from these atrocities that could potentially be prevented.


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