Day 46 – Dave and Bea

9 Aug

wpid-20140809_153139.jpgToday was dedicated to celebrating my dad’s cousin’s 50th Wedding Anniversary. I’ve been looking forward to this day since we got the invitation a couple of months ago! They renewed their vows at a quaint community Baptist church. We had a BBQ at the church afterward, then went back to their house on the Belleisle Bay for a bonfire and fireworks.

wpid-20140809_160917.jpg There was a memory book floating around. We were supposed to write our memories of our times spent with the happy couple. I saw it once and then it was gone. Bea said she reads my blog sometimes, so I thought I’d write my memory here and let them print it and put it into the book.

wpid-20140809_195814.jpgI have many fond memories of summers with the Hoyts at Lake George. My grandparents cottage was where I remember spending every summer of life until I was 12. When I was in the second grade, the Hoyts moved back to Marysville, and Cathy was in my class at school. Sometime soon after they moved back, they bought the cottage at Lake George next to my grandparents cottage. I remember spending time with Cathy, Trudi and Stephanie Kitchen. We’d swim in the lake, jump off the raft, canoe and catch frogs. We’d play cards and colour and hang out in the tent trailer behind the Hoyts cottage listening to the sound of the rain on the canvas roof. We’d walk barefoot to Joyce’s Canteen along the road to Harvey and buy penny candy and freezies.wpid-20140809_201354.jpg

I remember when Candy was getting ready to go to the Peace Corps. I remember cheering her on the summer she swam across the lake. I remember having our own Sunday School at the Hoyts cottage. We’d invite people from neighbouring cottages. Eventually the Hoyts sold their cottage at Lake George and built one at Beulah. Soon after, my parents bought their cottage at Beulah and then we were teenagers. I remember many late night games of rook around the kitchen table. You could always find someone who was up for a game of cards at the Hoyts house. There are so many good memories of summers spent with the Hoyts and today we made another good memory. Happy anniversary Dave & Bea!

Thank you for your hospitality today. It was such an enjoyable day and we really had fun celebrating with you!


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