Day 48 – Road trip with Mama

11 Aug

wpid-20140811_162119.jpgToday mom and I travelled to Charlottetown. Getting here was half the fun. It is the longest time we’ve spent alone, just the two of us in years. There was lots to talk about. We reminisced.

After we checked into the hotel we went exploring. We decided to walk along the boardwalk, which starts just four short blocks from our hotel. We walked the entire length of the 1.2 kilometer wooden boardwalk that runs along the water. I stopped along the way to take the above panorama. The way the coastline runs, you can’t see much of the boardwalk at once because of its twists and turn. It seemed like forever to get to the end, but when we turned around and walked back we both commented that it seemed so much shorter. It was the perfect, breezy late summer day to stroll along the water. We passed lots of other tourists and a few runners along the way.

Before supper we walked around the down town area for a bit and went in a few stores and looked at a few menus. After getting recommendations from three separate sources, we decided to dine at The Merchantman on Queen Street. What a neat spot with great atmosphere. It was a good place for a quiet dinner and conversation. I’d definitely return (and order something other than what I had.) After supper we walked back to our hotel, stopping at Cows for a small cone of ice cream along the way.

As I read back over my account of the day, I’m struck by how utterly ordinary it seems for a day spent travelling. What you cannot know by reading this is how this day will be engraved in my memory for a very long time. This trip is allowing me to realize something. Although we don’t have to get away from home to spend time together, getting away from everyone else and the comforts of home forces us to spend more quality time together. It’s one-on-one time that we rarely get in such quantity. I have so much to be grateful about, and I am.



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