Day 49 – An Anne with an ‘e’ excursion

12 Aug

wpid-20140812_125649.jpgWe started our day today with a trip to the Anne of Green Gables house in Cavendish. Did you know that in 2004 it was designated as a National Historic Site and is operated by Parks Canada? I didn’t until today. That was not the case the last time that we made this trip. I was twelve and it was with the men in our family and I’m sure they were less than patient. Today we spent a few hours on the property which included a barn, cafe, two separate hiking trails and the Anne of Green Gables house. Thirty years ago, it was only the house.

After we bought our tickets, we went into a small theatre to watch a seven minute film outlining the history of the property and L.M. Montgomery, the author. Think low-budget Disney-esque. It was quaint. Then we hiked through the Haunted Wood that you access through the backyard of the house. It was completely charming and not the least bit haunted. We stopped for a few photo opportunities along the way. Then, we hiked the 1.2 km trail and ended up back in the spot we started. The house itself was like any late 19th early 20th century home. It gave me the feeling that I was touring a home at King’s Landing.

We ate lunch at Green Gables. We sat in the sun with a chicken salad sandwich from the Butter Churn Cafe. Then we hiked a second wooded wpid-20140812_112948.jpgtrail on the property, which included lovers’ lane. With different, and a whole lot less, company I’m sure it would have been quite romantic. Either way it was part of a fantastic day full of new memories made with my mother. Then we went down the road to the site of the author’s ruined homestead. My mother and I both expected to tour the L.M. Montgomery home, but it was nothing but the ruins, a roped off rock foundation.

It was mid-afternoon as we headed back toward Charlottetown. We stopped at The Prince Edward Island Preserve Company so I could buy water at their take-out window. First we went inside the store. It reminded me a lot of Stonewall Kitchen, only smaller. You could watch, looking down from a large plexiglass window as they were making the preserves. As we started to browse I realized that this was the company that Glenn and I had bought some cherry salsa from back in the fall at a craft market in Fredericton. Mom and I both bought a jar.

wpid-20140812_150626.jpgOnce back in Charlottetown, we parked down by the wharf, then walked back up the hill a couple of blocks to St. Dunstan’s Basilica. I just love exploring old churches. Mom was skeptical, but I think the experience won her over. She won’t admit it though. Then we went back down by the waterfront where the free 70 Day Festival was going on to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the 1864 Charlottetown Conference. Today and tomorrow the Mi’kmaq First Nations were having their Pow Wow there. We strolled through, enjoying the drumming, singing and dancing.

This evening we had a great meal at The Gahan House before going to the Confederation Centre of the Arts to see Anne of Green Gables. The show was fabulous. I couldn’t have asked for a better day to spend with mom. I think it is safe to say my mother and I are kindred spirits!


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