Day 51 – Just a few more days

14 Aug

Here I am, three weeks before classes start, struggling to find a topic for my blog. How am I going to inspire students to write, write, write when I feel like I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel myself? Sometimes it feels SO narcissistic to constantly write about myself and on days like today it would just seem pathetic, not because I didn’t do anything, I did. It’s just the mundane stuff of my day isn’t worth writing about.

I briefly thought about writing about the shale gas debate and Premier David Alward’s The Speech video, but oy vey. Besides, a topic like that takes more energy and enthusiasm than I have right now.

I think, seeing as it has taken me almost 90 minutes to write just over a hundred words, it’s time for a nap. Maybe you could give me some good ideas for writing topics in the comments so we can avoid this Seinfeldish blog post about nothing in the future.

tenThere are only 10 more days left of my blogging challenge. I’m looking forward to the end because I feel like I’m running out of ideas. I do love to write and will endeavor to continue to post to my blog more regularly than I did in the past. However, the 10 days I have left in my self-induced blogging challenge also represents the last 10 days of my summer. While I am looking forward to getting back into my classroom, I wish that summer was just a little bit longer. I’m sure it could be weeks or months longer than it is and I’d still wish for just a few more days.



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