Day 52 – One time, at band camp

15 Aug

wpid-20140815_154219.jpgWhat a week to have to cross the bridges in Fredericton. The camp didn’t start until 9:00, so getting there wasn’t really a big deal, but crossing over to the north side at 4:00PM wasn’t fun.

Seldon went to band camp at UNB this week. He’s been playing the trumpet now for four years. It was a small group, so he got lots of good practice and one-on-one attention. He says that he learned new things, not that I’d know the difference. He had an hour a day of what was called Masters Class. The class was about posture, breathing, and blowing. Apparently he was breathing and blowing into his trumpet all wrong.

Of the seven hours a day, they had two hours that they were not playing their instruments, lunch hour and an activity period. He came home Tuesday with a big patch of nasty road rash on the side of his leg from sliding on the hot artificial turf while playing soccer. Leave it to Seldon.

I’m really glad that Seldon has stuck with the trumpet and still enjoys playing in the band. I can see major improvements and playing in the school band really does enrich his educational experience. This afternoon we went to his final concert. They performed a bunch of classical songs and some chamber music, and one recognizable song. That’s the one I recorded. Watch and see if you can identify the tune.



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