Day 53 – I like corn

16 Aug

wpid-20140815_201726.jpgThe photo is of our house on the left, and our neighbour’s house on the right. It’s there behind all those beautiful trees. They’ve grown substantially in the ten and a half years that we’ve been living here. We moved in a year or two after they did. When we first moved in Seldon was almost four and Savanna was seven.

Our neighbours were on their way out for a walk last night and we were sitting on the front porch enjoying a beverage, so they stopped for a chat. It was fun to reminisce about how things have changed over the last decade. This led to remembering a Seldon story, one that will be told at his wedding one day, if he ever marries.

One evening Glenn was working out in the yard and Seldon was outside playing. Glenn went to look for him and couldn’t find it so he starting calling out his name. After third and loudest shout, Seldon rounds the back corner of our neighbour’s house with corn all over his face. “What?”

“What were you doing?” Glenn asked.

“I was eatin’.” Seldon replied with tone that suggested that Glenn shouldn’t even be asking such a question.

“Eating? Where?” Glenn inquired.

“At my buddy Murray’s.” Seldon had taken a liking to Murray and whenever he’d see Murray out in the yard, he’d go talk to him. One day Murray was raking his grass and Seldon brought over his toy rake and helped. To this day, Seldon can converse with adults as well or better than his peers.

“SELDON! Come on, let’s go inside.”

We found out later that he walked up on their back deck while they were having supper and said, “I like corn!”

This is just one of the funny ‘Seldon stories’ that we’re saving for an opportune time.


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