Day 56 – Ikea & Reservoir

19 Aug

wpid-20140701_161140.jpgToday we went to Ikea. This wasn’t a regular 3-4 hour Ikea trip where you go through the show room, then wander the marketplace. This was all business, an in through the out-door kind of trip. We knew the isle and bin number. We went in with our blinders on, got the item we went for, paid and left. Someone should inform Guinness World Record Book because we definitely set some kind of record. We bought a storage mirror for Savanna’s room. I know that sounds boring, but if you saw the make-up, lotion, perfume and hair products that litter her room you’d know why this mirror purchasing mission was a necessary one.

Tonight we went to the Reservoir Tavern in Boonton for pizza with the Bizzarros. It was good to get together with Glenn’s aunt and cousins, even though his cousin Karen couldn’t make it. The photo is of Glenn’s mom Sadie and wpid-20140819_211150.jpgher sister Rose. They are such kindred spirits that sometimes we wonder if they know the rest of us are there. I know they must know we were there when they go to pay the bill. We always have a good time when we get together, no matter what we do. I really thought it was too much food when we ordered it, but the seven of us polished off three salads, three pizzas and two desserts. Glenn was happy to get his NJ pizza, better than anywhere in a 500 mile radius of Fredericton, so I’m told. Although the food was good, the best part was the conversation and laughter.


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