About Me – Wildmudturtle (aka Debbie)

I’m a wife, mother, and 9th and 10th grade English teacher. I live in suburban New Brunswick, Canada with my husband, two teenage children and our shih tzu ZuZu. The high school where I teach more than 1700 students. Outside the classroom, I facilitate the school’s peer mentoring program. I love to teach and I have a heart for teenagers. I’m passionate about both reading and writing and I’m an avid writer. Since graduating with my M.Ed. in literacy Education last I’ve been concentrating on blogging, writing poetry and planning my novel. Recently, I’ve lost 30lbs and I’m in the process of losing more. I’m accomplishing some lifelong goals! You can follow me on twitter @DeborahGrillo, where I like to participate in #storyfriday, #fridayreads, #edchat, #titletalk, and #blogchat. If you read my blog you’ll find an eclectic array of titles and topics. You’ll learn that I have a passion for food and cooking, a love of travel and exploring and even though my days follow a routine, no two days are ever the same.


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