Day 57 – Erin Condren Teacher Planner

20 Aug

In July, when we came to NJ to get Sadie, we stayed for a week. One day, I went out through the lobby of her apartment building and there were several seniors sitting around the lobby. I was waiting for something to come in the mail so I asked, “Did the mail come yet?”

wpid-20140819_190434.jpgThey all answered in unison, “No.”

“Is that what everyone is waiting for?” I asked. They all confirmed that it was. “I would be sitting right here waiting with you, if I didn’t have to be somewhere else right now.” I too was waiting for something to arrive in the mail.

Have you ever ordered something and waited impatiently for its arrival? That was me this week. I ordered a new teacher planner from Erin Condren and it seemed to take forever to produce and ship. I decided to get it after seeing one of the organizers I follow on facebook post about the Erin Condren Life Planner. Someone else wpid-2014-08-20-20.59.47.jpg.jpegcommented that they loved their teacher planner. I did a little research and watched a youtube review and decided that I needed one! We had it sent to Sadie’s and I’m SO glad it arrived in time for me to bring it home with me. Yesterday we went out to run errands and stop at a few stores and when we got back to Sadie’s it was sitting against the door. I was so happy to see it sitting there.

It is a thing of beauty. I hope I find it as useful as it is esthetically pleasing.


Day 56 – Ikea & Reservoir

19 Aug

wpid-20140701_161140.jpgToday we went to Ikea. This wasn’t a regular 3-4 hour Ikea trip where you go through the show room, then wander the marketplace. This was all business, an in through the out-door kind of trip. We knew the isle and bin number. We went in with our blinders on, got the item we went for, paid and left. Someone should inform Guinness World Record Book because we definitely set some kind of record. We bought a storage mirror for Savanna’s room. I know that sounds boring, but if you saw the make-up, lotion, perfume and hair products that litter her room you’d know why this mirror purchasing mission was a necessary one.

Tonight we went to the Reservoir Tavern in Boonton for pizza with the Bizzarros. It was good to get together with Glenn’s aunt and cousins, even though his cousin Karen couldn’t make it. The photo is of Glenn’s mom Sadie and wpid-20140819_211150.jpgher sister Rose. They are such kindred spirits that sometimes we wonder if they know the rest of us are there. I know they must know we were there when they go to pay the bill. We always have a good time when we get together, no matter what we do. I really thought it was too much food when we ordered it, but the seven of us polished off three salads, three pizzas and two desserts. Glenn was happy to get his NJ pizza, better than anywhere in a 500 mile radius of Fredericton, so I’m told. Although the food was good, the best part was the conversation and laughter.

Day 55 – Barley Creek, The Crossings & The Pultzs

18 Aug

It’s a good summer when we get to see the Pultzs twice!

wpid-20140818_131455.jpgWe met at noon today at the Barley Creek Brewing Company for a brewery tour. If you’re ever in Tannersville, maybe there to do some shopping at the outlets, be sure to check of Barley Creek. I’m not a beer drinker, but it was fun to see the process of a small craft brewery. After the short tour, our tour guide Emily brought us to a separate bar at the back and the group enjoyed a free tasting session. I enjoyed the rest of my diet pepsi and chatting with the three college seniors that were on the tour with us. Then I became the designated driver for our group.

We spent most of the afternoon at The Crossings outlets. We didn’t spend a whole lot of money but enjoyed the time shopping with our friends. We got Savanna a couple of pair of jeans at AE for a really great price. I bought a pair of psychedelic bell bottom pants and wewpid-20140818_204405.jpg got a shoe sponge at Clarks. I can’t believe we’ve been visiting New Jersey for years and this fantastic outlet shopping spot was less than an hour away and we’ve never been there before today. It won’t be the last time!

We went back to Barley Creek for dinner and spent a couple of hours around the table together. It was fun to go someplace new, but it was even better sharing the experience with the Pultzs!


Day 54 – The best days

17 Aug

wpid-20140815_201758.jpgIt’s when the storm passes that I notice the beauty in the natural world.
It’s after a bad day when I notice just how amazing it is to be alive.

How beautiful it is to look up into the early evening sky.
I know that the golden rimmed clouds shine for all to see
but not everyone looks and of those who notice,
not everyone is able to perceive their beauty.

In this rare moment, when I am outside, blissfully alone,
I look up at the sky amid the calm after the storm and I know
the best days are yet to come.

Day 53 – I like corn

16 Aug

wpid-20140815_201726.jpgThe photo is of our house on the left, and our neighbour’s house on the right. It’s there behind all those beautiful trees. They’ve grown substantially in the ten and a half years that we’ve been living here. We moved in a year or two after they did. When we first moved in Seldon was almost four and Savanna was seven.

Our neighbours were on their way out for a walk last night and we were sitting on the front porch enjoying a beverage, so they stopped for a chat. It was fun to reminisce about how things have changed over the last decade. This led to remembering a Seldon story, one that will be told at his wedding one day, if he ever marries.

One evening Glenn was working out in the yard and Seldon was outside playing. Glenn went to look for him and couldn’t find it so he starting calling out his name. After third and loudest shout, Seldon rounds the back corner of our neighbour’s house with corn all over his face. “What?”

“What were you doing?” Glenn asked.

“I was eatin’.” Seldon replied with tone that suggested that Glenn shouldn’t even be asking such a question.

“Eating? Where?” Glenn inquired.

“At my buddy Murray’s.” Seldon had taken a liking to Murray and whenever he’d see Murray out in the yard, he’d go talk to him. One day Murray was raking his grass and Seldon brought over his toy rake and helped. To this day, Seldon can converse with adults as well or better than his peers.

“SELDON! Come on, let’s go inside.”

We found out later that he walked up on their back deck while they were having supper and said, “I like corn!”

This is just one of the funny ‘Seldon stories’ that we’re saving for an opportune time.

Day 52 – One time, at band camp

15 Aug

wpid-20140815_154219.jpgWhat a week to have to cross the bridges in Fredericton. The camp didn’t start until 9:00, so getting there wasn’t really a big deal, but crossing over to the north side at 4:00PM wasn’t fun.

Seldon went to band camp at UNB this week. He’s been playing the trumpet now for four years. It was a small group, so he got lots of good practice and one-on-one attention. He says that he learned new things, not that I’d know the difference. He had an hour a day of what was called Masters Class. The class was about posture, breathing, and blowing. Apparently he was breathing and blowing into his trumpet all wrong.

Of the seven hours a day, they had two hours that they were not playing their instruments, lunch hour and an activity period. He came home Tuesday with a big patch of nasty road rash on the side of his leg from sliding on the hot artificial turf while playing soccer. Leave it to Seldon.

I’m really glad that Seldon has stuck with the trumpet and still enjoys playing in the band. I can see major improvements and playing in the school band really does enrich his educational experience. This afternoon we went to his final concert. They performed a bunch of classical songs and some chamber music, and one recognizable song. That’s the one I recorded. Watch and see if you can identify the tune.


Day 51 – Just a few more days

14 Aug

Here I am, three weeks before classes start, struggling to find a topic for my blog. How am I going to inspire students to write, write, write when I feel like I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel myself? Sometimes it feels SO narcissistic to constantly write about myself and on days like today it would just seem pathetic, not because I didn’t do anything, I did. It’s just the mundane stuff of my day isn’t worth writing about.

I briefly thought about writing about the shale gas debate and Premier David Alward’s The Speech video, but oy vey. Besides, a topic like that takes more energy and enthusiasm than I have right now.

I think, seeing as it has taken me almost 90 minutes to write just over a hundred words, it’s time for a nap. Maybe you could give me some good ideas for writing topics in the comments so we can avoid this Seinfeldish blog post about nothing in the future.

tenThere are only 10 more days left of my blogging challenge. I’m looking forward to the end because I feel like I’m running out of ideas. I do love to write and will endeavor to continue to post to my blog more regularly than I did in the past. However, the 10 days I have left in my self-induced blogging challenge also represents the last 10 days of my summer. While I am looking forward to getting back into my classroom, I wish that summer was just a little bit longer. I’m sure it could be weeks or months longer than it is and I’d still wish for just a few more days.


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