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Day 59 – ZuZu’s road trip

22 Aug

Three or four times a year we travel to New Jersey to see Glenn’s mom. In the summer we usually go twice. We go dwpid-20140821_142012.jpgown, stay a week and bring her back with us. She stays for a few weeks, then we take her back and stay with her for another week. This year we were together all summer. Yesterday we drove back home. Usually we make the trip in eleven hours, but last Saturday our trip there was 12 hours and it was 12 hours again yesterday. Two brutal drives. It isn’t the extra time so much as the traffic jams that make it difficult.

ZuZu went with us this time. She travels so well! Glenn made a platform that sits on the center console, then he put her dog bed on the platform. She sleeps in the bed for most of the trip and rests her little head on Glenn’s arm. A few times she was actually snoring. It was so cute I had to snap a photo.

The whole time we were in New Jersey ZuZu ate less than half of one day’s food. She ate her treat every night and bummed a little bit of table food. The last night we were there I gave her an egg because I was so worried about her not eating. It was a full 24 hours after we got home and not feeding her much people food at all today before she finally ate her food. Whew! What a relief.

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