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Day 60 – Chess Piece

23 Aug

For years, Glenn and I have been saying how Fredericton needed a dessert spot. A place where one could go after a night on the town for coffee and dessert or a place to go and get a dessert to bring home. Most cities and towns we’ve travelled to have such a spot. Fredericton seemed to lack in this area. There were other options, like restaurant desserts, grocery store desserts and some vendors at the market sell good desserts. Growing up, dessert wasn’t something we had often, mostly just on birthdays and holidays. Glenn has a sweet tooth and likes to have something sweet at least once a weekend. I don’t mind making dessert, but I hate having it around the house for days afterward.

wpid-20140823_212655.jpgTonight was date night. We went out for supper, then decided to try out the new Chess Piece Pâtisserie & Cafe on Queen St. There were lots of yummy looking choices. I suggested that we get two different desserts and allow each other a taste. I wanted the chocolate and Glenn really wanted a fruit and custard pastry. However, he got the chocolate one because, “What if I like yours better?” He was serious. We both agree that it was an excellent choice, no matter what the reason. It had a chocolate sponge cake bottom with a bit of crunch and and a smooth, dense chocolate mousse with a chocolate ganache. I couldn’t finish it it, but I did my best.wpid-20140823_212839.jpg

We will certainly be going back to try their other creations. It’s a quaint little shop with a great spot to sit with a friend for coffee and pastry. It has breakfast sweet and savoury choices as well. I hope Fredericton supports this business because there really isn’t anything else like it here.

Tune in tomorrow for the last post of my 61 days of summer blogging.

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