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Day 58 – An Ode to My Bed

21 Aug

bedThere’s nothing more divine than your spongy pillow top
Upon your memory foam I can’t wait to finally flop
After sleeping in other beds for many a night
Delving into your softness will be pure delight

Climbing to your waist-high plateau will be worth it all
once to slumber-land I finally do fall
Your 540 thread count plum coloured sheets
Against my skin will feel so sweet

Your sturdy headboard and solid frame
I know your comfort will feel just the same
While I was away your familiarity I did miss
The sleep I will have tonight will be sweet drowsy bliss

Sleep will definitely not elude
My slumber this night you must not intrude
Because I have missed my bed immensely
Tonight I plan to dream intensely


Day 11 – Dawn’s Early Light

8 Jul

My dad has been an early riser for as long as I can remember. He wakes up in a cheerful mood with a song in his heart. As a teenager it was a source of frustration for me sometimes. He figured that everyone should be up and about and cheerful about it too.

Through my teenager years and into my early twenties I could sleep the clock around and then some. I can remember sleeping some days until mid-afternoon. I loved my sleep. It got to the point at one time, after I had mono, where I’d go to bed before the sun went down if I knew I wasn’t going to be able to sleep in the next day. Then, I had children.

From my mid-twenties to my mid-thirties ‘my’ sleep wasn’t a priority. It was all about getting the kids to sleep, and keeping them asleep. As a baby and toddler, Savanna was a great sleeper. When she was big enough to do it, she’d crawl into her own crib at nap time. I thought she’d always be a good sleeper, so if you’ve got a baby like Savanna, don’t be fooled. Once she started school, she suffered insomnia. She struggled to go to sleep, and the longer she lay awake the more worked up she would get. Several nights, we’d go to bed at 11PM and she’d still be staring at the ceiling. Many of those nights she come into our room in the wee hours of the morning crying that she hadn’t been to sleep yet. I think, like many, her mind would go into overdrive when she’d lay down in the quiet and she’d begin thinking about what the next day would hold. Eventually she learned to cope. She wasn’t sleeping any better, but instead of fretting she’d read and listen to music until she was sleepy enough to actually go to sleep.

When she hit middle school and her teenage years, sleep returned. Instead of going to bed early she began sleeping in. Finally, I thought, I can start sleeping in too. But, something strange happened. Even when I wanted to sleep in I couldn’t. Well, I could, but it wasn’t nearly as late or not quite as satisfying like it used to be. Instead of sleeping in until noon or beyond, I could sleep in until nine or ten o’clock. But, from 7:30 on I’d toss and turn and have weird and disturbing dreams. I learned that it just wasn’t worth it.

Now, sleeping in means sleeping until 8AM instead of 6AM, and sometimes, like today, I woke up early and realized that any more time I spent in bed trying to go back to sleep would be fitful and unproductive. So, I got up and enjoyed the quiet of the morning. This morning I did laundry and had coffee while checking facebook. A couple of days ago, while at the cottage with my parents, I got up earlier than everyone else and took my coffee, my dog and my book and retreated to the front porch to read in the early morning sun.

I must admit that, these days, morning is my favourite time of day. I wake up early in a cheerful mood with a song in my heart. I guess I’m still daddy’s girl.

I’ll take his word for it!

4 Dec

Tonight we went to see TNB’s production of “Treasure Island.” Glenn said it wasn’t the best thing we’ve seen from TNB and I’m going to have to take his word for it. For the last year or so, TNB has been starting with shorts that showcase local playwrights. Tonight’s short was called “The Marketeer” and it was parody of the typical market goer, vendor, and first time marketeers. Glenn and I both laughed out loud. Yes, we LOL’d!

As for the main feature, I slept through it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not because I wasn’t interested. I paid good money for those tickets and I had every intention of watching the play. I started to nod almost immediately. I felt my eyes closing and my head falling forward, then backward because I was trying to compensate. I tried forcing my eyes open, and shifting in my seat but nothing worked.

After several head nods, I gave it to it and put my head on Glenn’s shoulder and slept through the entire first half. During intermission I got up and went out to the bathroom, more because I thought it might help me to wake up then out of necessity. It didn’t. I did catch the first ten minutes or so of the second half but that was it. Glenn nudged me awake as they were singing “I Saw Three Ships” at the end of the performance.

This is the second play I’ve slept though, and it probably won’t be the last. However, I’ll continue to take my chances. We have such a wonderful opportunity here in Fredericton to see quality local theatre.

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